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My First Award!

Published September 25, 2008 by isisimaginings

Huge thanks to Sharon for this. It’s the Wylde Women Award & in Sharon’s words, the purpose of it is to send love to & acknowledge women who brighten your day, teach you new things & live their lives with generosity & joy. I’ve seen this award on other blogs & I love it; I never thought someone would think I deserved it, when I’ve been blogging for such a short time. As per the rules, I now have to pass this on & I’m happy to do so.
The Wylde Women rules are:
1. You can give this award to any number of fabulous women you choose.
2. Make sure you link to their site.
3. Link back to this blog site so that Tammy can visit all these wonderful women.
4. Remember the purpose of the award.
So, I would like to send it to……
Jen for her wonderfully witty commentaries.
Geraldine for being such a friend to my mom & for all the gorgeous crafting goodies she sends me.
Claire for her gorgeous photographs of Ireland & her beautiful crafting creations.
Janet for a brilliant blog & for creating Max & Milly – they are so cute!
Kathleen for being such a terrific member of the Docrafts forum & for sharing lots of card-making hints & tips.
The following people don’t have blogs, but they definitely deserve this award too – Kelly, Jen & Sarita. They are wonderful friends & have been incredibly supportive since my diagnosis.
Once again, thank you to Sharon & here’s to Wylde Women everywhere!
Love & light.


Published September 25, 2008 by isisimaginings

Over a week ago I was tagged by Sharon & I’ve been thinking about it ever since. While I think it’s a nice idea & it was good of her to think of me, posting seven facts about myself makes me very uncomfortable, for various reasons. To begin with, I can’t think of seven & the ones I can think of make me very depressed, as they are a clear indicator that I’m not living the life I want to live. And I’m never going to be able to live that life. I don’t share these things with my closest friends & I’m not prepared to put them into Blogger Land! Therefore, they are best ignored. As tagging is supposed to be fun I don’t want to spoil it for others & I’ve decided to opt out. Hopefully Sharon will forgive me.

On a lighter note, one of the best blogs I’ve found is , I defy anyone not to smile – sometimes you may laugh out loud, sometimes gasp in horror – at these creations & Jen’s commentary is always wonderfully witty.

Love & light.

Card-making Sunday

Published September 22, 2008 by isisimaginings

Yesterday was a lovely day & I really should have
worked in the garden, but card-making won! Sarita sent me these fantastic images & the sketch for this LO. I think the creator of the sketch is Tamara Wheeler, but I deleted the pic before taking note of the name. I’m sure Sarita will let me now if I’m wrong. The images are very detailed, so I tried to use different shades of the same colours. The glitter card is matted & layered onto dark silver paper, (again from Sarita), and the silver & dark purple ribbons are from QVC.

A doCrafter asked if anyone would like to make a card for her daughter’s 12th birthday on Wednesday & after much faffing around & changing my mind this is what I came up with. I suppose, strictly speaking, this is a Christmas Tilda, but I stuck to pinks & greens & hopefully it works. The embossed vellum is from Geraldine, (, the striped paper is from DCWV. I put the gold peel-off numbers onto white card, then attached them to the flower with 1mm foam pads – I’m hoping they survive the Royal Mail experience!
I made this card for Clare’s 8th sketch challenge at doCrafts & it marks my first attempt at watercolouring & pretty awful it is too! I love how others manage to get lovely colouring & shading on their images, I definitely need LOTS more practice. The paisley backing paper is from Capture The Magic – I love paisley patterns!! The torn Dawn Bibby daisy vellum is attached with glitter brads, the floral paper behind Tilda is DCWV with two ribbons tied across the centre & the image is matted onto glitter card.

This card is for Loretta’s LO challenge at doCrafts from last Sunday. It looks simple, but it took me all week to come up with this card! The rules were it had to be a Christmas card & you could only use black, white & silver. It was only when I found the white glittery star – it’s from Josy Rose – that I decided I could actually fulfil the challenge! The silver ribbons are Anita’s sticky ribbons, I cut pieces from a decorative silver peel-off for the corners of the topper & found a B&W brad for the tag.

This morning I had to take the cat to the vet, she keeps getting kidney infections. I’m not sure what’s going to happen long-term, but the vet is going to give her antibiotic shots every month until Christmas, then we’ll review the situation again. When the time comes it’s going to be awful, but the most important thing is that she’s not suffering.

When I got home I happened to glance out the kitchen window & saw white stuff on the grass. It turned out to be feathers & there was sparrow hawk munching on a collard dove!!!! Part of me is thrilled to have a bird of prey in my garden & part of me feels so sorry for the dove. It’s all part of nature.
Thanks to everyone who’s left comments here. I’ve been ‘tagged’ so I’m off to find out what that means & what I have to do – I’m such an ignoramus where all this blog-speak is concerned! 🙂
Love & lght.

Published September 19, 2008 by isisimaginings

Since I started card-making I’ve thought that tea-bag folding is too time-consuming & too complicated, so I’ve never wanted to try it. Recently, Sarita sent me this link to a YouTube video, , which shows a very simple paper-folding technique. I used the same paper from my Tilda friendship card to make the square & I think the stripes & spots look well together. The finished square was then matted & layered on to pieces of brown & pink squares, offsetting them slightly. The flowers are from Papermania I think & I attached them with a tiny pink brad, then stuck them to the square with 3mm foam pads. I sent the finished card to Sarita & she emailed me last night to say she had received it & loves it. This is a simple technique, but it looks very effective, so I’ll definitely try it again.

Helen, (Made by Hel, at doCrafts), had a birthday yesterday & this is the card I made for her. There is another orange trifold card in my slideshow that she said she liked, so luckily I had another one! A colour wheel explains the choice of dark blue with the orange. the ribbon is Anita’s Sticky Ribbon. The paper flowers are attached with various brads, I tried to grade them from the smallest at the top to the largest at the bottom. I coloured Tilda’s dress with a peach Whispers pen then glazed the whole image with Anita’s 3D glaze – I love how it makes everything shine! The butterfly is a rubber stamp from my – very small – collection of stamps, I think I got it from QVC. I stamped it twice on to white paper, colouring it with an Ink It Up! ink pad in Royal Blue. The third time I stamped it on to pale green vellum with a Versamark pad, covered the image with Heat It Up! embossing powder in Blue Glass, then used my heat gun. The blues matched perfectly. I coloured the butterflies on the paper with Whispers pens in pale orange & pale blue. I cut out each image, decoupaged them with 1mm sticky pads, then attached them to the card. I put a little irridescent glitter glue here & there on the vellum butterfly, just to give it a little sparkle.

My immediate reaction when someone asks me to make a card for a man is AAAARRRGH!!! 🙂 The majority of my card-making stash is definitely female-oriented! But when Jen asked me to make a thank you card for one of her – male – volunteers I thought of this image that Eisbaerin at doCrafts sent me. This is Edwin, Tilda’s brother! The card is from Papermania’s All Occasions box. I cut off a few centimetres of the outside edge & stuck it to the inside of the card. I attached a piece of blue vellum to the outside with silver brads. Edwin was coloured with Whispers pens – his hat looks pink, but I definitely used red! The tiny gift tag is a brad & the ‘X’ & the ‘thank you’ are silver peel-offs. ‘X’ is the first letter of the recipient’s name. It’s a very ‘cute’ card for a man, but Jen assures me he will like it. Fingers crossed!
Love & light.

Published September 18, 2008 by isisimaginings

A few more cards have been received by the people I made them for, so I can post them here. Maybe I’m odd, but if I make a card for someone I prefer them to actually have it before they see it on a website.
The LO for this one came from a card Sarita in California showed me. She is always sending me lovely crafty bits, including a fantastic set of stamped images last week, so I thought I’d make her a thank you card using this LO. I changed it to landscape format because the Tilda image is quite big. The backing paper is a piece of vellum attached with pink brads. The striped paper is DCWV & the purple paper is my second attempt at heat embossing! I used Pearl Plum embossing powder from Fun Stamps. I coloured Tilda with Whispers pens & then used Anita’s 3D glaze. The thank you tile was a freebie from an edition of Papercraft Inspirations a few months ago & I think the ribbon was from Readicut. The little butterfly is from K & Co & was something else from Sarita, as was the swirly stamp!

This card is for Jen. Sarita sent me the gorgeous image & when I saw I immediately thought of this lovely Joanna Sheen paper. I coloured the image with Whispers pens – yes, I love them! One of these days I’m going to try water-colouring with them. I used a gold pen for the necklace & bracelet & a tiny piece of red glitter glue on the collar. As I was making the card I did think I would be adding flowers to it, but once it was assembled I could see that the image & paper were too detailed & flowers would spoil it, so I just added little pieces of ribbon to finish it. Sarita sent me two of these images, so I’m looking forward to trying different colours on the other one. Hope you like these cards, thank you for looking. Love & light.

Tilda & Friend!

Published September 17, 2008 by isisimaginings

This is the card I made for the September friendship swap at doCrafts. I’ve never tried pink & brown before, but they are a terrific combination. I matted a piece of brown cardstock onto an A5 deckle-edged, hammered card, then layered the two squares on top; I cut them from a double-sided 12 x 12 sheet from Capture The Magic, it’s called ‘Betty Tuxedo’. I coloured Tilda with Whispers pens – I doubt a bird this colour exists in nature, but that’s what you call artistic licence! There’s faux stitching around the scalloped edge of the circle & I attached it with 3D sticky pads to give a little depth to the card. The ribbons, flowers, gold brad, adhesive gems are from my stash & the motif is from a QVC kit. Initially, I thought this Tilda was a little too wintery for the time of year, but the mornings & nights are so chilly now that it seems quite appropriate.
I’m still going out at night with food for the birds & the hedgehog. Even though I haven’t seen the hedgehog since last week I’m hoping it’s still there, because the slugs in my garden are ENORMOUS!! There was one on the patio the other night & it was FOUR INCHES LONG!! That is not an exaggeration, I promise. Ugh! They give me the creeps & because of the birds I won’t use slug pellets, except for a few around my hostas, which are in pots. So I’m hoping Hedgie sticks around & helps him/herself to as many slugs as he/she can find!
The grass is going to have to be cut again & soon, it seems to grow an inch every night, the buddleja needs to be cut back & there is so much weeding to be done before everything settles down for the winter. However. I spent almost two hours in the Lymphedema Clinic on Monday morning & I now have to wear a compression sleeve all day, every day. It is quite possibly the ugliest thing I have ever seen, it’s a nightmare to get on & it hurts like ……anything! I was also told to be a good girl & take care not to do too much with the arm. A while ago I found a website with a training programme for doing 100 push-ups & I really want to do it, but when I asked the nurse if I could start the programme she laughed at me. So that’s a no then? It’s also a no to lifting anything heavy, including weights, no to swinging the arm when walking or running, no to any repetitive movement. Today I was at the hospital for blood tests to see what’s happening since the end of the chemo & the radiotherapy, I’ve got two weeks to wait for the results. I’m determined not to turn this blog into a whinge-fest, so all I will say is that I’m finding it very difficult to deal with how my body has let me down. Anyway, enough, this is supposed to be about the joy of card-making, no more waffling from me!
Love & light.

The Irish-American Connection!

Published September 12, 2008 by isisimaginings

I’m using this card for two challenges at doCrafts:
1. ABC Open Challenge – E for embellishments
2. Tilda Magnolia Challenge – Autumn
Maybe it’s cheating a little, but it gives my brain a rest!
I coloured Tilda with Whispers Dual Tip Brush pens & then covered her with Anita’s 3D Glaze – I obviously used a little too much, because the colour has run slightly!
The dark gold backing paper & the ribbons are from Sarita in California, the stamps are from Jen in Washington – state that is! And the jewelled brad in the centre of the flower is from Jen’s friend, Rachel. Thus, the American connection! Thank you to all of them for contributing to my crafting addiction! 🙂 The flowers are paper & I coloured them with dark green, russet brown & gold pens. I then used a dark gold glitter glue on the middle flower. I considered adding more flowers, but I think that would be OTT. The paper I used for the matting & layering is a double-sided 12″ x 12″ sheet from Capture The Magic. They had a sale a while ago & I got some great papers for very little. The tiny gold flowers brads are from my stash.
News from my garden – the birds are definitely back & the other night, when I went out to refill the feeders I disturbed a hedgehog! I don’t know who was more surprised, me or it! It will probably be hibernating soon, so now I have to make sure I leave food out every night so that it builds up its fat stores! As if I don’t have enough to think about!
Love & light to everyone

Lots Of Rain & A Few Cards!

Published September 10, 2008 by isisimaginings

I didn’t realise my last post was a week ago, the days are going by scarily quickly! And the weather has been horrible! Yesterday morning I managed to get the grass cut before the rain returned at lunchtime. It took me ages because the grass very long & very wet, but because of my arm I hadn’t been able to use the lawnmower for a few weeks, so I was determined not to leave it for another few weeks. It’ll probably need to be done once more before the winter.

To my relief I noticed that the seed in the bird feeders has reduced. For at least two weeks I haven’t seen any birds at the feeders & I think it’s because of the new cat on one side of my house & a new Yorkshire terrier on the other side, who seems to bark nonstop. One of life’s pleasures for me is to stand at the kitchen window in the mornings watching the birds at the feeders, so I’m hoping they’re getting used to our new neighbours.

I’ve made a few cards since last week. This one was for the Tilda challenge at Docrafts. The challenge was to use one Tilda image, a flower, a ribbon & the colour purple. The image hasn’t scanned very well; I used a very pale lilac to colour her clothes & an irridescent glitter glue for the ‘fur’. This card marks my first attempt at heat embossing. I used a Versamark stamp pad to stamp the purple backing paper with the swirl stamp Sarita sent me from California, then covered the swirls with ‘Heat It Up!’ silver pearl embossing powder. It’s not perfect, but at least it wasn’t a disaster! Unfortunately, I set the eyelets too close to the edge of the card & it’s torn slightly, so this card will stay in my box.
Another Christmas card, this time using the LO from Clare Curd’s sixth sketch challenge at docrafts. I didn’t enter the challenge; compared to the the cards that were entered this is a poor effort. Looking at it now I’m wondering if I should have embossed the backing paper? I like the topper tho’, Geraldine, (, sent to me. I had the snowflakes in my stash of Christmas stuff, I painted two of them gold & attached them with 1mm sticky pads. I made two other Christmas cards using this LO, with a portrait format instead of the landscape.

My second goddaughter, the adorable Miss Lily, starts school next week & I made this card to mark the occasion. It’s a very simple card; the backing paper is from DCVW & the little girl, her uniform, the satchel & apple are templates from the September edition of Papercraft Inspirations magazine. Hopefully, Lily will like it & even more importantly, will have a wonderful time at school!

Number 1 goddaughter, my beautiful & extremely talented, Bebhinn, started secondary school last week. She’s attending my old school & seeing her in her uniform was quite a shock! 🙂 Naturally, she looks a lot better than I did! The poor kid was exhausted after her first week, not just from the longer day, the increased subjects, but from the weight of the huge bag of books she has to carry around with her. I feel sorry for her spine! She’ll be thirteen next month, I have to start thinking about her card soon.

I have made some other cards, but they have to remain top secret for now, as they are for people who will read this blog. So watch this space!

Love & light to everyone who reads this & thank you for the very kind comments that have been made so far.

Look What I Found!

Published September 2, 2008 by isisimaginings

I’m sure most card-makers have done it – found something you’ve forgotten you had while searching for something else, that is! It happened to me today; I found some lovely vellums – papers & flowers. They’re a Dawn Bibby kit from QVC, but I have no idea when I bought it, it’s obviously been a while! The pastel colours are lovely, so I thought I’d see what I could come up with. The original plan for today had been to spend some time in the garden, mowing the lawn & weeding, but all the rain put a stop to that.

For these first five cards I used Loretta’s new layout challenge, which she posted over at doCrafts on Sunday evening. This one is not as complicated as the last week’s I’m glad to say! In keeping with the layout I tried to keep the colours & embellishments simple.

I attached the vellum to this A5 card with tiny silver brads. The ribbons are pieces of grosgrain ribbon – I combined cream & green to make the bow on the first square. I used 1mm 3D foam sticky pads to mat & layer the vellum leaves & flowers on the second square. 1mm foam pads are very fiddly to use, but they’re great for giving just a little height & depth. The butterfly has a tiny gold vellum butterfly attached to it.

For the second card I attached a sheet of A4 patterned vellum to the card, again, everything is from the QVC kit. I thought this would be suitable for a wedding.

The toppers & the greeting on the Christmas card are from a Kanban kit that was a TSV on QVC in July – it was a gift from my mom; thanks Mom! 🙂 The patterned vellum is slightly Christmassy & I used a little silver glitter glue in the centre of the flowers & around the edge of the greeting. The silver holly is from my stash, I have it quite a while; I think it’s from another QVC kit.

I always find cards for men difficult to make, but I think this one works. Everything – except the ribbon, that’s a piece of Anita’s sticky ribbon – is from my oriental stash. I thought the colours of the backing paper were quite masculine & the ribbon matches the blue. The squares are simple matting & layering, with the coin embellishment attached with 1mm 3D foam pads.

This DL card is the first one I made using Loretta’s layout & everything, apart from the ribbon is from the Dawn Bibby kit. I love the shape of the flowers in this kit & they look very pretty in vellum. I decoupaged the butterfly with another butterfly in vellum. It’s a very simple card & was very quick to make, but it gave me the inspiration for the rest.

The remaining six cards, including the cardstock, are all from the DB kit. All I added were some adhesive gems & ribbon. They’ll be added to my ever-increasing pile of cards!

There is still lots left in the kit. The A4 patterned vellums are so pretty & I particularly like how they look folded over cardstock, so I’ll definitely be using that idea again.

I haven’t mentioned so far in this blog is that I’m recovering from surgery for breast cancer. One of the consequences of the surgery is lymphedema in my arm. It’s a nuisance because now, after making cards, my arm hurts like crazy! I suppose making eleven cards in one day is not the greatest idea!

So, I’ll probably be a good girl & take a break tomorrow, but I have got some birthday

cards to make & I want to make a card for my second god-daughter, Lily, who starts school in a fortnight. My first god-daughter, Bebhinn, had her first full day at secondary school yesterday – the poor kid was exhausted last night! To mark the occasion I made the Sarah Kay card with the sentiment “Hold on to your dreams” for her. It’s in my slideshow.

I’m off now to watch ‘Maestro’ on BBC2, where various celebrities are learning to conduct an orchestra. I rarely watch reality TV shows, but this is interesting – apart from the inanity of Clive Anderson’s ‘jokes’ that is! – and the music is wonderful. I’m hoping Goldie wins, he doesn’t read music, but he’s definitely the best of the bunch!

Love & light to everyone who reads this!