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I’ve Just Seen A Face

Published February 1, 2015 by isisimaginings

Hello, I hope everyone’s had a nice weekend. Thank for all the kind comments & visits to my blog recently.

The title of this post should really be ‘I’ve Just DRAWN A Face’, because that’s what I did!! For years, I have criticised myself because I couldn’t draw a face. Recently, I decided to get over myself & draw a face anyway. So I did & here she is………….

2015-01-29 001 002

I know everything is wrong with it, but I don’t care, I like it. I purposely painted her blue so  that I couldn’t stress about skin tones & I didn’t give her hair because I decided she looked fine without it.

I just used Ice Blue Fresco paint from PaperArtsy, white gesso, grey & black watercolour pencils & a black fine line pen.

The journal I used is a cheap one I’ve had for ages, I’m going to use it for my faces – I plan on drawing many more – and with a bit of luck & a LOT of practice, there’ll be a gradual improvement.

Thanks for looking.