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Happy New Year!!

Published January 5, 2010 by isisimaginings

To one & all. I hope you had a great Christmas & that you have recovered from any over-exuberant New Year celebrations. 😉

Jen & I had a nice time with my family, but my poor mom got ‘flu on Christmas Day & the weather was horrendous; ranging from gale force winds, non-stop rain, freezing temperatures & inches of ice everywhere. We ate too much, drank too much alcohol, watched too much tv, but we also walked a lot, (should that be, we slid a lot, I wonder??) & did some touristy stuff. Jen took lots of photos & when she puts them on her blog I’ll let you know.

We also saw a movie; ‘Nowhere Boy’, about the young John Lennon & his troubled relationships with his mother & his Aunt Mimi. It’s directed by artist Sam Taylor Wood & she gets good performances from all her actors. Kristin Scott-Thomas plays Aunt Mimi, Anne-Marie Duff is Julia, John’s mother & Aaron Johnson plays the young John. See it if you can.

Since I got back, I’ve been trying to get back to ‘normal’. I had so many emails, etc., to catch up on. I spent a lot of time while I was away bemoaning the fact that I had no Internet access, completely forgetting that my mom’s local library has many computers & they’re all free to use!! Mom reminded me of this fact only a few hours before I left for the airport, so I’m blaming her for my poor memory. 🙂 I definitely won’t forget next time! So, yes, I’ve been going through my inbox, replying to many & deleting even more. I also had a huge pile of mail to sort through & yes, most of it was rubbish, but I did get the new issue of ‘Craft Stamper’ magazine & it is wonderful. For my money, it’s the best craft magazine on the market & the free stamp is always good quality. This issue, has a good article on stamping with bleach. The results are lovely, so I must give it a try.

Talking of stamps, I have fallen in love!!! I discovered Stampotique stamps & they are TERRIFIC!!! I love the weirdness of images such as ‘Lunchbox Girl’ & ‘Sheer’ & the unusual beauty of ‘Three Goddesses’, but it’s impossible to choose favourites. They’re not cheap, but I’m going to create a wish list & maybe treat myself to one occasionally.

I doubt I’ll have time to make cards until the weekend, but I do have quite a few ideas swirling around my brain. I’ve got to make cards for a birthday & a wedding next week & I already know what I’m going to do for the wedding card.

So, instead of a card, I’m going to share with you something I wrote a few months ago. It’s in the style of a Haiku & while it’s not very good, it make raise a wry smile amongst some of my blog visitors & followers.

Happy new beginning,
Resolution over by four.
Ah well, maybe next year.
Thank you for stopping by. Until next time,
Love & light