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Eight Sleeps To Christmas!

Published December 17, 2009 by isisimaginings

Gifts bought, wrapped & under the tree? Cards made/bought, written & mailed? No? Me neither!! Well, that’s not strictly true. Most of the gifts are bought, but only a few of the cards are made & right now, I’m thinking there won’t be any more until NEXT Christmas. I’ve left it too late & I don’t have the time or the inspiration to make more. Instead, I’m going to spend the next few days catching up with friends & then enjoy the time spent with my family.

In an attempt to get some Christmas spirit on this blog, here are some photos I’ve taken in London the last few weeks. The first one is the Natural History Museum in Kensington. They have an ice rink at the side of the building, but I was interested in the lights in the trees & the building itself.
This is the tree at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, with the London Eye behind Portcullis House. I was a little worried about taking this photo, due to the police seemingly spending a lot of time these days questioning anyone with a camera under the anti-terrorist laws. It is a completely ridiculous situation, but hopefully, because more & more people are speaking out about it, it will stop. Anyway, in the end I had no problem.
Yesterday I went to Covent Garden before the Life Clubs workshop & took this photo inside. I like the contemporary appearance of the decorations & the red chandelier was dazzling; looking at it I forgot the rain & cold outside. In the courtyard below a soprano was singing carols, which added to the festive feel.
The LC workshop was my most challenging yet. The topic was ‘thinking outside the box’ & Nina asked us to choose one unsolved problem & then brainstorm with a partner in an attempt to find possible solutions to the problem. I chose finding a new career as my problem & that was pretty much the end of my participation in the process! Apart from getting incredibly emotional that is, because right now the problem seems insurmountable. BUT. My workshop partner was very helpful & has recommended some books that I might find helpful. So watch this space.
Okay, enough seriousness. Let’s end this post with an “awww” moment. This is a pic of my Mom’s dog, Cara. She’s a gorgeous Pomeranian with the sweetest temperament, despite being thoroughly spoiled & definitely my Mom’s best friend. And yes, she does like to be comfortable!
Thank you to everyone who is visiting my blog, I appreciate it very much. I hope you are all having a great week.
Love & light.
PS The Artistic Stamper has some terrific blog candy to give away. Have a look at her gorgeous creations & leave a comment.