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Published February 7, 2016 by isisimaginings

Thank you to everyone for the kind comments on my samples for the launch of Darcy Wilkinson’s new stamps & stencils for PaperArtsy, it’s been an exciting two days. I want to do some blog posts on a few of my samples that I particularly like, so today I’m focusing on some of the tags.

I love this tall flower from EDY17 & used it a lot……………..

Favourite 5

I glued crumpled tissue on to a tag & painted it with layers of Baltic Blue, Smurf & China Fresco paints…………..


Stamped the circles from EDY17 with blue inks & blended some Baltic Blue Fresco paint in the centres of the darker circles……


I stamped the large flower twice on to Smoothy card, painted the centre with Tango & Cherry Red, cut it out & layered it on to the second flower. The smaller flowers from EDY17 were stamped with embossing ink directly onto the tag, heat set with white embossing powder & painted with Cherry Red Fresco………….

Favourite 5

I think I need to use kraft card more often as a substrate, I was surprised by how well the stencilling looked on this tag…………

I used the new PA stencil PS030 with Snowflake, Baltic Blue & Smurf Frescos………..


The flowers are from EDY18 & EDY 19, painted with Tango & Cherry Red…………….

Favourite 4

This was the first tag I made. I looked at the wings on set EDY17 & saw a pair of hands. The background is Cherry Red & Tango Frescos, blended with a damp baby wipe & stencilling with Snowflake through PS001. The butterfly from EDY19 & the ‘hands’ were painted with Cherry Red, Tango & China Frescos………..

Favourite 3

A list of stockists of Darcy’s stamps & stencils can be found HERE.

Leandra did a fab demo on Periscope, using some of Darcy’s stamps & you can watch the replay HERE.

Thanks for looking.


PaperArtsy Launch: New Eclectica by Darcy

Published February 5, 2016 by isisimaginings

Hello, been a while since I was here, but if anything was going to persuade me to blog again, it was a request from Darcy to be one of her ‘wingmen’ for the launch of her new stamp sets & stencils for PaperArtsy – it took me all of two seconds to say “yes please, thank you very much!”

Tonight is launch night for Darcy’s new products & you can read all about it on the PaperArtsy blog.

Leandra has filmed a video, showing the new stencils & stamps, alongside samples from Darcy & my fellow wingmen, Gabrielle & Laura…………..

I worked with stamp sets EDY17, EDY18 & EDY19, the new stencils PS028, PS029 & PS030 & PaperArtsy Fresco paints; Baltic Blue, Smurf, China, Tango, Cherry Red, as well as Snowflake & Little Black Dress.

Darcy Samples 1

These are all the samples I made, most of them quite simple, as I wanted the images to stand out.

Darcy Samples 2

Darcy Samples 5

I loved working with the stamps & stencils. I told Darcy they made me think of the flora on an alien planet. (Yes, I am a sci-fi nerd). 🙂

Darcy Samples 4

There’s such a great mix of images in the stamp sets that they work perfectly with any style, from vintage/shabby chic to clean & simple. They also complement the other sets in Darcy’s Eclectica collection.


I’ll go into more detail on a few of these projects over the next few days, but for now I will end by thanking Leandra & Darcy for their generosity & encouragment, I thoroughly enjoyed being a PaperArtsy wingman.


PaperArtsy Challenge #4 Miniature Art

Published March 8, 2015 by isisimaginings

Good morning. The PaperArtsy challenge this week is all about things in miniature & yet again, there was incredible inspiration from all the designers. I had a few ideas, none of which I’ve had time to make, but yesterday I came up with this, my first ATB………………

2015-03-04 001 003

The block was made from kraft card, using a WRMK board, which I borrowed from a friend to try out. Very easy to make boxes with it, but scoring heavy weight card irritated the carpal tunnel in my left hand & I don’t like the ‘link the two sides together’ closure – sorry, can’t think how to describe it. Anyway, I still want the ATB dies. I painted this one – it’s the smallest size ATB, btw – with black gesso & set it aside.

2015-03-03 003 001

I created a masterboard following Leandra’s series of YouTube videos, using a variety of Fresco paints & a brayer.

2015-03-03 003 002

I added various colours, including Orchid, Turquoise, Caribbean Sea, Cheesecake & Guacamole………..

2015-03-03 003 005

Then stamping with assorted PA stamps, including Lin Brown & Ellen Vargo sets……………..

2015-03-03 003 008

I chose images from Darcy Wilkinson’s Eclectica 11 & Eclectica 12 sets, & painted them with Lin Brown’s new limited edition Frescos………..

2015-03-03 003 009

2015-03-03 003 015

2015-03-03 003 016

I painted the Lin Brown owl from & sat him in flowers I’d cut from the masterboard with the Tim Holtz Tattered Floral die……..

2015-03-03 003 010

2015-03-04 001 005

2015-03-04 001 004

I glued the ATB to a spool I’d painted with black gesso & Fresco Old Gold, then I sanded it & added Little Black Dress Fresco to the sanded areas……

2015-03-04 001 006

That’s it, thanks for looking. I’d like to enter this into the PaperArtsy challenge.

3UP – The Inside Scoop

Published May 3, 2014 by isisimaginings

Hello, THANK YOU to all of you for your very kind comments last night, I was completely overwhelmed & rather emotional. This is me giving all of you the biggest {{{{{{{{{{{{{HUG}}}}}}}}}}}}}}.

I said on the PaperArtsy blog last night that I would tell you the story of the main images, so settle down, we’re going to be here a while………

When Leandra announced the new series of #3UP I knew immediately that I would want to use Ellen Vargo’s stamps if I were lucky enough to be chosen, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do with them. I was thrilled when the set I’d chosen – EEV03 – arrived, but I still had no idea what I was going to do & there was much head scratching until I looked at this picture & inspiration began to dawn.


This is Red Stone Dancer by Henri Gaudier-Breska (1891-1915) & I first saw it at the Royal Academy of Art in London a few years ago, where it was part of their Wild Thing exhibition in 2009/2010. It’s probably my most favourite piece of sculpture & it always makes me sad that Gaudier-Breska only had a few years to create such amazing pieces before being killed in the First World War. If you ever visit Tate Britain, the sculpture is on exhibition in Room 1910, so take the opportunity to see it in person.

My second piece of inspiration was Stravinsky’s music, The Rite of Spring & the accompanying ballet, which was choreographed by Vaslav Nijinsky for the Ballets Russes. I decided to try to combine the two in my #3UP project. Coincidentally, both pieces made their debuts in 1913.

It began easily enough; I created my dancer by painting a mix of London Bus, Brown Shed & Chutney Frescos onto heavy card, stamping EEV01 with Black Archival, painting with Gloss Glaze & cutting out the shapes.


The next step was also easy; stamping on tissue paper with EEV01 & EEV03 & attaching the tissue to an 8×8 box canvas with matte gel medium.


Adding Fresco paints; Nougat, Stone, Vintage Lace & then some second generation stamping with Watering Can Archival ink.


It was now that things began to go wrong. I knew I wanted a muted background & I had a vague image in my mind, but I couldn’t transfer it to the canvas. I added more paint, then Grunge Paste, then drips of paint, then I painted over all of that, then I brayered with Limelight & Bora Bora……….. 009

There were so many layers at this stage that I’d completely lost the initial stamping & still I could not make it work.


At this point I should have left it for a day or two, but I was conscious of the #3UP deadline, so I kept going. And it kept getting worse & worse. By now I’m adding stamping, more brayering, red Dylusions ink – to signify the death of the dancer – and getting more & more stressed.


I have to be honest, there was more than a slight meltdown round about now & yes, there were tears of frustration & anger. The night before the deadline I contacted Leandra & told her it wasn’t happening & that I would be missing Ally Pally to give it one last attempt. She convinced me to take a break & gave me an extra few days.

The day after a fairly lovely time at AP – I couldn’t quite forget what was waiting for me at home –  I carried on for the next few days until I ended up with this.

Pcture 2

And for twenty-four hours I tried to convince myself it was fine, when I knew it wasn’t, but couldn’t come up with any ideas of how to fix it. Then, on the Friday night Darcy messaged me to see how I was doing. I sent her this photo & basically said “HELP!” She replied with some great suggestions & the next day my friend Lisa also had some ideas, so I got to work again , took the canvas off the wood & began cutting until I had the shapes you see on the finished piece. All the time I was cutting I was on the verge of panic; one slip with the blade & it was over. What if I still couldn’t get it to where it wasn’t the ugliest thing I’d ever seen?

I worked most of Saturday & until lunchtime on Sunday, sending Darcy photos of every stage, asking her opinion, until she must have dreaded seeing my email address appear in her inbox, but she stuck with me & I will be forever grateful to her.

I finally arrived at what you saw on the PaperArtsy blog last night. The dancer must dance to her death, as ordained by the village elders – the ‘owl eyes’ in purple – to ensure a successful Spring for the survival of the village – the coloured pods bottom left.


To be honest, I couldn’t look at this for a while afterwards. I even turned it to face the wall. But now I can look at it & I actually feel quite proud of it. And myself. It is true to say that without Leandra, Darcy & Lisa I would have given up & then hated myself. And the guilt I would have felt at letting Leandra down would have been unbearable.

So, I have rambled on for long enough. Thank you if you’re still here. Thank you to Darcy & Lisa for all your help & suggestions that saved my project from the bin,  for the support & encouragement & for allowing me to bombard you with emails. Thank you to Ellen for designing such fantastic stamps & for inspiring me to try more abstract projects. And thank you to Leandra &  the entire PaperArtsy team, I hope you know how special you are.

And if there’s another 3#UP challenge will I apply? Ask me when it happens………………  🙂

PaperArtsy #3UP Week – Inspired by Mark

Published April 30, 2014 by isisimaginings

Evening, I’m going to try to make this brief as it’s late & I need to sleep.

It is #3UP week on the PaperArtsy blog & since Sunday the wealth of talent & creativity from PaperArtsy fans has been incredible. If you’ve missed it, start HERE. For the PA challenge this week you can make a maximum of three projects, inspired by any of the #3UP posts. I love them all, but Mark’s terrific canvas from Monday night, using Darcy’s Eclectica stamps, got me thinking & tonight I made this journal page.



The background is Fresco paints – Chartreuse, Guacamole, Limelight, Zesty Zing, Mermaid, Bora Bora, Irish Cream – applied with a baby wipe. Stamping with Cornflower Blue & black Archival inks. Grunge Paste through TCW reverse honeycomb stencil, White Fire TG on top. The sun – from EEV002 – stamped with Orange Blossom Archival, then Zesty Zing applied with a baby wipe.


Stamping; Darcy’s Eclectica minis 01 & 02, Jo Firth-Young’s JoFY09 . I coloured with Frescos & water colour pencils. The body of the bird & the heart are paper pieced. I stamped her & the toadstools onto linen textured card.


The ‘grass’ is the seed stamp from Ellen Vargo’s EEV002, stamped with Fern Green Archival onto white card painted with Sage & Tinned Peas Frescos.


That’s it, thanks for looking & thanks to Mark for the inspiration & Darcy, Jo & Ellen for their fantastic stamp designs.

Inspired by Ellen Vargo

Published March 22, 2014 by isisimaginings

Hello, I managed to finish my page for this week’s PaperArtsy challenge earlier – a day ahead of the deadline, it’s a miracle! The wonderful Ellen Vargo was back as the guest designer & over three posts, she showed us a fantastic, collaged journal page & a lettering technique – with videos. I LOVE video tutorials, they’re so helpful & Ellen’s are great. I have basically copied Ellen’s’ page, using different colours, stamps, etc. (The first stage of Ellen’s page is HERE)

My chosen background colours.


I used a sheet of watercolour paper to brayer on & tried to use less paint, so that areas of each colour could still be seen.


I’m saving my pennies to buy a set of Ellen’s PA stamps at Ally Pally next month, so in the meantime I had to use something else. I chose the Mini 01 stamp from Darcy’s Eclectica range, stamped it with Watering Can & Cornflower Blue Archival, (stamping alternate rows in reverse), then stamped the swirls from Circles & Swirls 2 with Snowflake Fresco.


I stamped scraps of Fresco painted card with another PA stamp, Squiggly Mini 15, then die cut the card with the PA Tall Heart die.


Glued them in place.


Cut up the sheet at this stage, I knew what I wanted to do with it.


I used scraps from my precious stash of PaperArtsy’s Thorndon Hall papers.


And then………. Writing on the page. I was so tempted to not do this, I hate my hand writing. But I tried not to think about it & followed Ellen’s instructions. I used one of my favourite quotes, by Pablo Picasso & put the finished page into my new PA art journal.


I got two cards from the other piece……….


And this is for everyone who visits this blog, leaves comments & is always very kind & supportive of my efforts……….


Thank you also goes to Ellen for her inspiration. See you all next time.

PaperArtsy at Stitches

Published February 17, 2014 by isisimaginings

As requested, here are some photos of the incredible samples on the PaperArtsy stand at the Stitches trade show in the NEC in Birmingham. I only had a few minutes to spend at the stand at the end of yesterday & today, so the photos aren’t great. All of my fellow #PATWITS will recognise the various designers, but I did try to include their names in the photos.









If there was an award for the greatest number of samples on one stand, PaperArtsy would win hands down. And every one of them was completely stunning.

















Edited at 7.09 18/02.14: I neglected to mention last night the members of the PA guest designer team, whose beautiful work is also amongst that of Darcy, Lin, Jo, Sarah, Lynne & Ellen. If you go to any of the PA blog posts from last week you will find links to their blogs, where you’ll see their work.



Attending Stitches was a great experience. We were so busy on both days & the time flew by. I missed lots of demoes by people like Hels Sheridan, Finnabair & Ali Reeve. I missed Leandra & Lin @YoursArtfully Brown demoing too, but at least I got to say hello to them. I did see a few new items I liked, but it has to be said that, apart from EVERYTHING on the PaperArtsy stand, there was nothing that I thought I would have to have.

And now I have to go to bed. I got three hours sleep last night & I’m feeling quite exhausted now. Thanks for looking.


Published February 9, 2014 by isisimaginings

Today was Stamperama Day in Crafting Land & lots of us descended on Stevenage Leisure Centre, ready to be wowed by great demoes & perhaps make a purchase or two. There were quite a few #PATWITS, known on Twitter for our dedication to all things PaperArtsy. Some of us had met before, but there were many new faces too. There was Julie Ann, Deborah, Alison, Helen, Lin S, Jo, Karen, Lin B, Hazel & Cazz. I also had the great pleasure of meeting Alison Bomber, who has been a guest designer on the PA blog & is on the DT for The Artistic Stamper. If you don’t know Alison’s amazing work, check out her blog. And you can see photos of the gang on Helen’s blog.

Here is the queen of the #PATWITS. Mrs PaperArtsy herself, the amazing Leandra.


She’s got a brayer & she’s not afraid to use it………… Here is the awesome Darcy Wilkinson, artist extraordinaire & designer of some of the coolest PA stamps EVER. Wait until you see her new sets – squeee!!


On goes the Treasure Gold………..


Leandra explaining the ins & outs of Fresco paints while Jo Myhill looks on.


Leandra in action…..


Creating this. Look at those gorgeous colours!


A few samples on the PA stand.  There were so many new & wonderful things available to buy. Some of which have not been officially released so we’re all keeping secrets this week, until we’re given the nod that we can show you what we got.


And finally, I made a purchase or two…. (Don’t look too closely at the paints, I think they’re still wraps for another day or two). Sorry Leandra!


I had a lovely time  today. Stamperama is a lovely show to attend & it’s always great to have a crafting chat in more than 140 characters.

Thanks for looking, see you next time.

PaperArtsy Week Inspired by Joanne Wardle

Published February 8, 2014 by isisimaginings

Feels like an age since I did a blog post, but it’s only a week. I’m feeling somewhat better, but still coughing & wheezing, which is exhausting & doesn’t make me feel very creative. I have been working on things, but can’t show them yet. Because I missed the PA challenge last week I wanted to take part this week, so I chose Joanne’s card from Thursday night & used the first stamp set that Darcy Wilkinson designed for PA.


My masking & colouring are not great, but I was too tired to spend very long working on it. Thanks to Joanne for the inspiration.

Clare Lloyd was the main GD on the PA blog this week & she showed us fantastic projects. One I have promised myself I am going to try is her tutorial for drawing a face, even though I am completely hopeless at drawing.

Tomorrow is Stamperama at Stevenage & PA are launching some of their new products, among which are an amazing collection of stamps from Darcy, you can see them all on the PA blog tonight, along with stunning samples. Darcy will be demoing alongside Leandra tomorrow & I can’t wait to see what they’ll be doing. Hopefully I’ll write a blog post about the day tomorrow night.


Online Stencilled Day 3

Published February 1, 2014 by isisimaginings

Happy Saturday everyone. I’m still feeling horrible so I’ll try to keep this short. Day 3 was all about texture pastes.

This first card is Grunge Paste mixed with French Roast Fresco paint. The snowflake is a Joy Craft die & the white leaf is from the new TH Foliage die, a selection of which my very kind Twitter friend, Sam, sent me. Thank you Sam!


Clear texture paste through an Imagination Crafts stencil & stamps from Eclectica Darcy 01 by Darcy Wilkinson for PaperArtsy.


Clear texture paste as a resist through an Imagination Crafts stencil with Peacock Feathers distress inks.


A psychedelic Umbrella Man! I put GP through the negative image & covered it with various embossing powders.


Thanks for looking, I’ll be back tomorrow with the final day’s cards.